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Check/View messages:
InBoxInbox lists all messages sent to you. New messages arrive in InBox immediately after they are sent. As a result, you only need to refresh your InBox screen to check for new messages.

Write new messages:
You can compose new messages under Send Mail.
Send Mail Verify MooTagSend Mail
You must have a valid MooTag before you can start writing your message, this is to make sure all messages will find home.

Delete messages:
This icon deletes messages.
Alternatively you can tick checkboxes and delete them in one go.

Move messages:
This icon moves messages to DoneBox.
Alternatively you can tick checkboxes and move them in one go.

Reply messages:
This icon redirects you to write a new message with pre-loaded recipient.

View sent messages:
OutBox has all the messages you sent to date.

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